We would welcome the opportunity to make you another happy customer.

I would like to commend you and your staff at Universal Spas and Pools for an unbelievable efficient construction job on our pool and spa...
                                                                W.L. Wright
After awarding the contract, the job was completed in an incredible 29 days!!! All work was handled in a professional business like manner.
                                                               R.D. Wellman
"Outstanding workmanship and professionalism.."
                                                              G.D. Jackson
  • Business will continue to go where invited and remain where appreciated.
  • Reputations will continue to be made by many acts and lost by one.
  • People will go right on preferring to do business with those they trust.
  • Go-givers will become the best go-getters.
  • The extra mile will have no traffic jams.
  • Performance will continue to outsell promises.
  • Enthusiasm will be as contagious as ever.
  • Know how will surpass guess how.
  • Trust, not tricks, will keep clients loyal.
  • Quality will be prized as a precious possession.


Additional referrals upon request...

Universal has won 19 gold medals and one Presidents award in 1995 (for best pool/spa in the United States)

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